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This wikia is currently very small, and still needs a lot of work. To first start, create pages of monsters, traps, costumes, dungeons, mines, upgrades, etc.


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Welcome to the most active King of Thieves wikia, for the game, King of Thieves!! On this forum you will find information regarding traps, costumes, and gems for the mobile game King of Thieves by ZeptoLab! Hope you have fun!



King of Thieves is a mobile game that was released February 12, 2015 to the app store. In this game you compete against other players to collect as many gems as you can and become the king of thieves. One can collect gems from mines, by merging them in totem rituals, or most commonly by stealing them from other players! The player must collect gold (which can also be stolen) in order to upgrade their own dungeon's defenses and continue on their path to be the king of thieves. The King of Thieves community is still small, but it's a great game. This wikia was created as a more suited place for tips, information, guides, and strategies.

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